The following are the procedure guides to Creating, and Submitting the BYO Magic card sets.


The creation process is one of the most rewarding. Using the Magic Set Editor software (link can be found on the links page), make up card names, abilities, and everything else that would be on a normal Magic: the Gathering card. You can find some great images to use in the cards at Google Image Search. I’ll add some links to other good places to find pictures for your cards. Below are the rules for the creation process.

  1. You will Create 45 unique cards and 5 backup cards to be added at the end of your set.
    1. The 5 backup cards are needed in case one of the cards in your set proves in practice to be unusable.
  2. Any abilities on a card must have proper reminder text on the card unless the ability is a common MTG ability.1
  3. Cards that are fun to play with are more highly valued than powerful cards.
  4. Be creative.2
  5. Don’t be lazy. You are welcome to borrow from cards all ready in print, but at least put your own twist on it.
  6. You must have at least 15 creature cards.
  7. You must have at least 2 cards that can destroy artifacts, creatures and/or enchantments. There must also be at least 2 cards that can counter spells.
    We are suggesting at least two of each however you can combine them, mix and match or even add them with creature spells, just be sure to have them.
  8. Attempt to create a relative balance of each color of mana.
    It is suggested that you have at least six cards of each color.
  9. We must generally adhere to the established M:tG Color Pie.3
    We all have been playing Magic for a while and we know what abilities tend to go in what color. Remember, these cards will be drafted, which means they might be used against you.
  10. If corrections are necessary on a card (because it doesn’t work per the rules or is so powerful it creates an un-fun game), the judges will comment on each card and deny it with a suggestion to correct the issue.
  11. Again, produce creative and fun cards – we’re not necessarily out to make the most powerful cards, just the most fun ones!

1 While creativity is encouraged at the utmost, take on the task of creating a new mechanic with caution. Mechanics that are too complicated cannot be used. You must be able to adequately place help text of new mechanics on ALL cards that use the mechanic.

2 All new mechanics, abilities, and spells must not be too confusing. If you have trouble wording an ability, use the Card Notes box and explain what you want. One or many of the editors will be able to give you suggestions.

3 Click Here for a review of the general strengths and focus of each color. While you are more than welcome to create a straight Red counter spell, it may influence the mana cost the editors will allow since red isn’t naturally given to counter spells. However, creativity is rewarding and you will not be punished for trying so.


Once you are done working on a set, you need to submit it so the judges. Their job is to check sets to ensure…

  1. they meet minimum requirements (listed above)
  2. the cards have proper templating (phrased/worded as a magic card traditionally would be)
  3. that no cards are too far over the power curve for their cost (resulting in a no-fun card)

All sets need to be sent into Tricen [at] (take that spambots :P). He will make his comments in the Card Notes section of each card (see picture) then send it to the other two judges who will do the same. The final judge will send the set back to the creator. When you get your set back, look in the Card Notes section of each card. If the card has APPROVED from two of the three judges, the card is good as is. If any cards have two or more DENIED, the card needs to change. The judge will provide a quick note about why it was denied and ideas for how to fix the issue. Correct the nessisary cards and resend them to Tricen for another round of approval.

Please note: When you are naming the file to send to us, please use the following format.


If my name is Joe Blow, my first set would be named JoeBv1.mse.set

When you receive your set after a round of review, before you send it back to use, increment the version number by one. Don’t send the same version back to us (Joe’s next version would be named JoeBv2.mse.set).


Byo Magic Tricen